Who am I?

About me

Here is a quick summary of my time on this wonderful planet:

I am fun loving, hardworking, slightly insane and managed to raise two people from a ‘Good Idea’ to ‘Grown Up’ without killing them. Actually, that was the easy part, they hardly gave me any grief, and on occasion, kept ME alive with their support, wit and good humour.

I have pantomimed, zip wired, skydived, salsa danced and kind of muddled through life with my glass half full most of the time.
Once, motherhood, three jobs and studying for a degree filled most of the 24 hours there are in any one day.

I did it, goodness knows how, but I did. I have the grey to prove it.

Career wise, for 20 years I treated clients as a self employed Beauty Therapist. People trusted me with their hairy, wobbly and wrinkly bits (we all have them). Most importantly, they trusted me with their lives, secrets, delights and woes. I love people, I love their stories.

Running concurrently for three years, I opened a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio, that filled my heart as much as my time. Families, individuals, schools and groups spent hours decorating preformed pottery, back in the day before people had really heard of that kind of thing. I never tired of the awe and wonder in their faces when they collected their glazed pieces.

Entering a competition to be a radio presenter changed the course of my life, getting to the final five and public vote. I didn’t win, but was offered a job as a Broadcast Assistant, which led to my degree in Journalism. I have had some brilliant roles in Radio and TV at the BBC, my favourite being one of the keepers of the badges at Blue Peter. Yes, I read and replied to the children’s letters. BEST.JOB.EVER.

Life at the BBC was never certain, so I sought secure employment closer to home which suited my young family better. This gave me seven years experience as a Project Coordinator and Office Manager, assisting a team which grew from four to ten colleagues during my time there.

Catherine Cocklin, Quality Time Virtual PA Services - UK

Mission Statement

To assist businesses and consultants with all their PA related needs, offering an excellent level of service at reasonable prices.

Ultimately, I free up your time so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

I will treat your business with the same passion as my own.

My Core Values

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