Email & Diary Management

Email & Diary Management

Are you one of those people who intends to keep their inbox and diary organised, but never quite manages it due to time constraints, or the sheer number of emails simply makes you lose the will to live?

A cluttered inbox can lead to a cluttered mind and missed opportunities, you could lose important emails, or not respond as quickly as you, or your client would like.

Do you find your inbox full of things you don’t even remember subscribing to?

I can help you with an inbox detox, organise your emails into categories and unsubscribe from the junk for you. I can also answer important emails for you, so your clients, or potential clients, are not waiting for a personal response. Any enquiries will be logged for your attention.

I can also keep your diary organised, again, categorising events so it is clear what you are doing and when. If you need me to liaise to book meetings, travel etc, I can do that too!

Imagine how much extra time you could have if you could pass these smaller, but essential, tasks onto a VA?

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