Excel Spreadsheet

Excel Spreadsheet Creation, Data Entry & Data Checking

Do you have a lot of data which needs to be processed? This can be creating a new spreadsheet and inputting raw data, transferring existing information from one format into a spreadsheet, or checking existing data for continuity and errors.

Do you have time to scrutinise data? Or would you prefer to hand it over to someone who loves checking, and double checking, data so you can get on with what you are good at? You could be doing more fee earning work, or working ‘on’ your business rather than ‘in’ it to help with your growth.

Here at QTPA I have many years experience of creating and ‘cleansing data’, checking for errors, extra spaces, missing numbers, for example, where a ‘O’ has been typed instead of a ‘0’. Excel doesn’t have a built in spell checker, so some information may be misspelt, manufacturer’s names may be spelt in a variety of ways, especially if more than one person has contributed to that data.

There are many examples where errors might be tiny, but can make a difference to how you use your data. Did you know a space at the beginning or end of text in a cell can affect how it gets sorted, or shows up in a pivot table?

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