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File and Document Management (UK)

Do you open your files looking for a document and ‘it is in there somewhere’, but you aren’t exactly sure where? And better still, you can’t remember what you called it?

Searching for things in disorganised folders can be time consuming at best, and downright frustrating at worst, possibly making you want to throw your laptop out of the window!

That would be an expensive way to deal with it.

Instead, here at QTPA, I have a solution for you, I will help you tidy up your files and folders, and help you keep track of your most essential documents.

I have co-ordinated ISO 9001 Certification which is a Quality Management Standard so can assist with standardising your documents, making your life simpler and improving the service you offer to your clients.

If you are a UK company / organisation and need help with your file and document management call me to today to discuss your requirements.


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