Grow Your Mindset

Grow Your Mindset

No that isn’t an instruction, it is the name of a wonderful company local to me, who do just that, help people grow and change their mindset.

I was fortunate to have a one to one with the lovely Gemma Sanchez, the very energetic and wonderful half of the Grow Your Mindset Team, I have yet to meet the other half Liz.

We first connected on LinkedIn over our love for, and support of, Rossendale Hospice. We commented on posts and supported each other’s fundraising efforts quite regularly, I was even a lucky winner in a raffle Gemma was running in aid of the Hospice. She hand delivered the prize, but I wasn’t in, so we didn’t meet on that occasion.

A couple of months later, I attended my first BoB Club networking event and who walked in? Gemma! She sat next to me, and that was it, we clicked face to face as well as online.

Fast forward a few months and we managed to sit down to one of those new-fangled Zoom meeting things, face to face in our respective houses, and I found out a bit about her business.

From what I had seen on LinkedIn, I thought she worked in primary schools with primary school children, which they do, but they also work with businesses.

In both instances, schools and businesses, Gemma and Liz start at the top of the tree, the Head, The Directors, before going down the branches to teachers, then children, managers then staff.

Grow Your Mindset believe that if you can change the mindset of the people at the top, you can change the mindset of the school, or the business, and it seems they have had some great successes with this. Business growth can happen if there is mindset growth.

Gemma and Liz know that your mindset can affect how you function on a daily basis, how you think can impact on other aspects of your life. If your mindset is negative, it will follow it could have a negative impact elsewhere, be that in your work, your relationships and just how you view yourself.

Mindset can also be affected by how others behave towards, speak to you, or how they appear to perceive you, and again depending on the vibes, this can have a negative, or a positive impact.

The older you are, sadly, the harder it is to change mindset. It can be ingrained from as far back as early childhood, if you were bullied, or grew up in a toxic household, the effects of that can last a lifetime and cause mental health problems later in life. Change may be harder, but it isn’t impossible, and Gemma and Liz are there to help.

At Grow Your Mindset, they believe in early intervention, especially in schools, working to prevent mental health problems starting in the first place.

In business, they look at the core values of the company and the mindset of the managers. If there is negativity at the top, there is probably negativity further down the tree, and this can affect productivity and growth.

Gemma and Liz ask managers look at how they communicate with their teams. How do they influence them? Do they nurture and encourage, or do they have a more negative way of managing, pointing out faults rather than helping to resolve them?

If managers promote confidence in their staff, and aid personal development, they are more likely to have staff who want to grow within the business and stay loyal to the company, plus talk about them in a positive light when they are not at work. An example of positive leadership would be staff having the confidence to apply for promotion.

In schools, if the mindset of the leaders and teachers isn’t good, it will follow that the pupils’ mindset won’t be either, it is just the same in business, if leaders are negative, chances are the staff will be too and possibly feel demoralised.

The ethos of Grow Your Mindset is all about teaching leaders to create a safe environment for learning and improving, without a fear of making mistakes which can severely impact the mental health of staff and ultimately, business.

Gemma and Liz have successfully moved their business online for the time being, though I am sure they are eager to get back to face to face interactions.

If you would like to give your workplace a mindset health check, to achieve goals personally, professionally, and drive your business forward, take a look here.

And if you would like to know more about the lovely Gemma, she can be found here. She really is one of life’s warm and energetic humans, and so very easy to get on with, I really enjoyed finding out more about her and her business.

Go on, connect with her, she is lovely.

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