Fees / Pricing

Low Cost Virtual PA Services in the UK

Are you ready to get your quality time back? If so call me today to book your FREE 30 minute video call to discuss your needs.

My charges are very simple:

Low Cost: My hourly rate is just £29. And you only need to work with me a minimum of one hour a month!

If, in time, you know how many hours you’ll need from me every month you can retain me as your VA for anything up to 10 hours a week.

If you require on site support, expenses will be charged at cost and mileage will be 50p per mile.


If I work 77 minutes for you then I charge for just 77 Minutes !
This helps keeps costs low and efficient for you.

Time is purchased by the hour

Services billed by the minute!
£ 29 / hour
  • 1 hour block
  • 5 hour block
  • 10 hour block
  • 20 hour block
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