Proof Reading

Proof Reading, editing, formatting & QA Documents

How many times do we write things, only to find, usually once we have pressed send or publish, there are errors in the text? Our brains are brilliant at reading what we THINK we have written, rather than what has actually been typed. We can become ‘too close’ to a piece of work, and not see minor, or sometimes glaringly obvious, errors.

Here at QTPA I offer that second pair of eyes to double check for spellings, punctuation and grammar, and possibly a simpler way of putting something.

Often, if a document is made up of copy and paste, there can be different, fonts, sizes, spacing. Your house style will make you easily identifiable to your clients, they will smile when they receive your work knowing it is clear, concise and a joy to read, be that reports, general documents or blogs.

I will check for continuity of style, font, size, and anything else that you need to be checked to keep your house style perfect.

The way a document looks can also influence a person’s perception of it, but formatting can take time. Would you prefer to be able to quickly write your report or document and hand it over for formatting, or spend hours making it ‘look pretty’ or smart?

I can do just that for you, make everything you produce consistent, I can also create templates, which you can use for future documents.

Based in Lancashire, I offer my proof reading service to clients in the UK.

I can give you a more cost effective way to run your business. Free you up to spend more time on your fee earning work, rather than document control.

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