Recommendations / Useful web links

Sometimes I come across exceptional businesses that leave an everlasting impression on me. Here are a few of them!

PIP Appeals

A fantastic company that helps those in need who have been rejected for their PIP application. In most cases ‘how’ you complete the forms makes a very big difference and this company wins the majority of their appeals!
Their website is

A company specialising in helping business owners grow their businesses quickly. If possible they’ll use exponential tech. to achieve this. Typically, after analysis, they design a website, digital campaign, plus a sales and marketing plan for each company. 
Their website is (by introduction only. Let me know if you’d like one).

Health and Social Care Training

Authorised by the NHS and Local Authorities, SCHTraining offers both Health Care and Social Care Training to companies around the UK. It is run by Linus Dignam who is not just a trainer but also a qualified mental health professional and trained solicitor. With those skills he helps keep company staff the right side of the law for compliance based training. 
Their website is 

NS Services - Mobile Mechanic

Those who know me well will be aware that I work hard and play hard. At weekends this gentleman usually joins us on our adventures. Very old school, this mobile mechanic is so good he gets the dealers calling him to fault-find their unresolved mechanical problems. 
His website is NS Services 

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